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5 Things to Do for a Green Move

While moving is not something that we do every day, when we do move, we use a lot of supplies and equipment that are harmful to the environment. When not properly disposed of, certain moving supplies like cardboard boxes that are considered to be eco-friendly or ‘’green’’ because they are recycled, have a reverse effect To make sure your move is as green as it can be, follow these 5 things!

1. Change your address online

Changing your address is important when moving as it avoids complications with your service providers, the delay in the delivery of your packages from websites like Amazon and the delay of other everyday services. You can reduce the amount of paper used by doing all your change of address paperwork online. Not only does it make your move greener, but it also saves you time and money!

2. Buy or rent used boxes

Buying or renting used boxes is a great way to give a second life to moving boxes which contributes to a greener move as it reduces the amount of waste in landfills. With all the chaos that comes with moving, you’ll definitely be shaking those boxes quite a bit. This shaking may even slightly damage your boxes, making it unimportant whether they are used boxes or not. The biggest worry that comes with buying used boxes is usually not that they are slightly damaged, it’s usually the fear of a bug infestation. With our used moving boxes, you won’t have to worry about bug infestations as they are all thoroughly inspected.

3. Give your excess things a second life and safely get rid of them

When preparing for the move and even once you’ve packed everything up, you’ll definitely notice that there are a lot of things you won’t need. The typical reaction to this excess is to throw it away. Instead of throwing this excess away, you can make your move greener by giving it a second life. To give it a second life, you can donate it to one of the best charities in Canada, have a garage sale, or sell it on websites like Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re not up to the challenge of donating or selling, you can throw away your excess stuff and still contribute to a green move. To safely throw away your excess, go to your nearest Ecocentre and place your items in the correct bins.

Are you planning a renovation once you’ve moved in? Don’t forget to safely dispose of your waste by following our solutions to the challenge of waste management with a renovation in sight!

4. Use ecological cleaning products

Cleaning is a huge part of moving that cannot be escaped. You will be cleaning before you move, during the move and definitely a lot when moving into your new place! There are a lot of inexpensive cleaning products out there that may be tempting to purchase. However, these products are extremely harmful to the environment and can even be a danger to yourself. In fact, these products contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that pollute the air in your home and contribute to the smog outdoors once they evaporate. These harmful products can even make breathing difficult and cause all sorts of irritations to the skin and eyes. Using ecological cleaning products when moving will avoid these Volatile Organic Compounds and contribute to a greener move, as they are biodegradable and are made of natural substances like vinegar and lemon.

5. Get creative when packing

Packing can get messy as it is difficult to fit everything in properly. To make your move green, try to use the least amount of boxes that you can. This doesn’t mean cramming everything into a box until it can’t even stand properly. Instead, it means to get creative with what you’re using as packing supplies. To pack your house strategically and in an eco-friendly way, take a walk around and note anything that can be used as a bin for packing. These bins include baskets, plastic bins, anything with a cover, purses, suitcases and much more! To avoid damage and to contribute to a greener move, use newspapers, magazines, your clothing and even leftover gift wrap to protect your things!


Moving is definitely not an eco-friendly process, but with these 5 tips up top you can absolutely make your move a green move. There are all sorts of ways to make your move greener, and you certainly will find more along the way. To begin your green moving journey, start by checking out the Cartonnerie Montréal highly-quality used moving boxes. In fact,

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