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A Cardboard bike ? A new challenge met!

Cardboard pushes the limits of useful, innovative ideas

The Cardboard bike is another clever invention. Every day, our job is to provide the cardboard serving the professional packing and movingindustries. But we’re still dazzled by the many creative inventions made from cardboard. This blog serves to honor those designers and inventors who are finding new uses for cardboard. No longer science fiction, but rather down to earth, cardboard seems to be drawn into a destiny tailored to help the poor. After the cardboard oven, cardboard houses, cardboard fridges, and the list is getting longer, we are now ready to market the cardboard bike.

Moving around with cardboard seems to overtake the most critical minds.

Released in January with great fanfare, this revolutionary bike already has a great story. First, imagine the challenge to make a bike for less than $ 15, and sell for up to $ 30. The material which we believe would certainly not be cardboard. Izhar Gafni,inventor and entrepreneur Israel, had the idea after seeing a fully functional cardboard boat. The obsession to create the first cardboard bicycle has enabled him to meet the challenge. Although the first bike looked like a rolling parcel he was quick to correct the flaw in the design. In the end, he created a 100% functional bike, which can support up to 300 pounds. The weight of the bike is just nine pounds, you will easily get into your apartment and at this price, and you can even forget it outside without remorse.

Watch the story of the invention of the bicycle and cardboard manufacturing steps.

An ecological bike for everyone, rich or poor.

Now that the idea is real, the mass production of these bikes is underway. Already, prototypes were unveiled in New York last April, and demand already seems to demonstrate the viability of the project. What is surprising is the interest of the most affluent urban cities, while this bike could be made without any electricity, in a hut, with rudimentary tools. It could be a bike that is 100% environmentally friendly, though some aspects of the design were replaced by more simplistic options. Anyway, this bike will be accessible to a large proportion of the poor, who might find this bike in a cost-effective solution for their displacements. It fits perfectly with the movement of eco-capitalism

Cardboard: a green future.

The Cardboard Technologies Company will not be limited only to bicycles. Plans are underway to expand the range of products to include wheelchairs, baby strollers and shopping carts. According to our survey of cardboard inventions, we are surely up to the challenges of the future by recycling cardboard. It is encouraging to see the tenacity of visionaries using cardboard who believe that this material has ecological and very real humanitarian virtues.

Would you ride bike made of cardboard?

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The Cartonnerie Montreal team

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