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Affiliation program

Become a Cartonnerie MontréalTM web affiliate

A new source of income : become a Cartonnerie MontréalTM affiliate

Affiliate programs are becoming more common in the Web world and offer the double advantage of expanding the distribution network for the merchant, and creating a source of revenue for the reseller who does not have to hold inventory. Cartonnerie MontréalTM offers you an easy way to manage your affiliation with our brand, which has become a symbol of environmental sustainability and good eco-friendly practices for boxes and packaging products. With our affiliate program meeting the highest standards of monitoring and control, your commissions will be recorded, and you will have no management concerns.


How exactly does it work?

Very simply, actually. When you join our affiliate program completely free of charge after submitting the questionnaire, you will have access to a multitude of banner formats, or text links that you can place anywhere in your digital properties. Your web traffic will be exposed to our offers, and regardless of whether it is through your social networks, or your website, you are assured that the links used will be well tracked to pay you the sales from your source of traffic. Every click is saved. You have the assurance of being paid for sales made through your network.


Real-time reports and statistics

With our dashboard, you can log in at anytime to track your performance, the links in circulation, and the sales made thanks to your efforts. Also have access to your payable and paid commissions to date.


Our program

Commissions may vary depending on the offer. We invite you to check our various programs in force. The amounts can vary from 5% to 10% per completed sale. Commission payments are made as soon as your balance reaches $100 or more.

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