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An informative new series of exciting stuff for moving and packaging!

True to our mission to be your moving partner, Cartonnerie Montreal adds something new this season by offering you tips for easy packing of your boxes. We have chosen to present you these tips in a video format to show you very simple little tricks which will allow you to be more efficient.

Tip # 1: How to close a box with a tape gun

At first glance, we might think that it is a simple task to place a roll of tape into a hand held dispenser or tape gun as some may call it. But the reality is that the reel has the power to put you on edge when you try to install your first roll. Spare your nerves and watch the video. You will see that there is even a tension adjustment to keep the roll tight and allow you to seal your box without too much effort, or getting tangled up in yards of wasted tape. An ecological and economical way to secure your moving boxes during transport.

Tip # 2: How to assemble an archive box (Bankers box).

After assembling a dozen archival boxes, this stuff will seem simplistic. But know that the 1st box has the power to bring you down. Follow the example in the video. You will save a lot of time in trial and error.

Want more tips?

We are in video production for other stuff. If you have ideas, questions, challenges or would like to provide comments to us, we will gladly help you with your packaging. You might see your idea immortalized if you submit something to share that attracts our attention. After all, we have been your moving partner for over 60 years. Also visit our page moving tips, a lot of things waiting for you.

Have a nice moving, or organization project!

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