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Cardboard boxes: a cat love story

Who knew that one day we would write a blog post about cats and boxes. But as this summer season is coming to an end and planning is underway for the return to school and back to the daily grind, we thought a little humor and levity would a welcomed change.

The viral power of social media and cats

If you’re as connected as we are, you probably know that animals and social media go very well together. In fact, if you want to talk about successes of your animals, or talk about animal cruelty, share funny videos about animals, or view your favorite heart endearing or humorous photos. It is a powerful tool to propagate publications in the ecosystem of social media. If you are reading this blog, you are confirming the unwavering trend of interest in animals, or at least for cardboard boxes!

Cats adore cardboard boxes

After much research on the phenomenon of adoration and fascination that cats have for boxes, we found that dogs also possess the same. The phenomenon comes from the instinctive need for security that pushes them to find shelter for protection. They like to have places that are hidden and secluded, and they feel safe. Add to that, the need to claw, the fascinating sound of paper bags, or the resonance of a box, and the natural feline curiosity. Who has not laughed at the cat that jumps into an empty box left on the ground, a bag, a vase or any space reclusive and unusual?

Indulge your cats: Give them cardboard boxes.

Veterinarians agree: your cat needs a confined space of his own, to sleep safely. They suggest that you put a box upside down, with a small opening to make a shelter. Some also install strips of cardboard to help them with their claws, another use could be a temporary litter box cover. But the highlight for your cat is the installation of multiple boxes and shelves to form a huge condo equipped with several compartments. As a bonus, add cylinders and multiple pendants and shiny objects. The Ideas are endless for creating these spaces. A great way to recycle cardboard boxes.

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