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Cardboard boxes for babies : baby box!

Several countries have followed the example of Finland, and distribute at the birth of each child a box containing the necessary for a newborn. France is preparing to do the same from February 2022, the government has indicated. What is it about ?

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In 1938 Finland started a social project in order to provide all the mothers who had just given birth a starting kit to ensure that infant babies had everything they needed. At the time, the depression had increased the infant mortality rate. This box contained everything needed to ensure basic care for infant babies. The need for this set for newborns is still very relevant, and Finland has inspired other major cities around the world to follow suit. Studies have proven that the cardboard box is ideal to serve as a cradle for a newborn until the age of 6 months. Frankly, if you are unsure as to the quality of a cardboard box to be used as a cradle, let us share this new trend.

The Americans convert with conviction

The Finnish initiative has been echoed on the other side of the Atlantic by our American neighbors, notably in San Francisco and New Jersey. It was also with great pomp, that a similar social measure was announced starring this famous box for babies in New Jersey. The “baby box” would even become the epicenter of an absolutely incredible phenomenon, even becoming the best way to protect infant babies from all the dangers that infants face, including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In fact, placing the baby in this cardboard box would protect it from the dangers of suffocation, tipping, and grabbing, as well as providing it with a safe space. More than three thousand skeptical parents in New Jersey were converted after they read the list of arguments clearly demonstrating the many advantages of adopting the cardboard box to replace the baby bed or cradle. This box, valued at $ 150, is given free of charge to parents who leave the hospital with a newborn. A lot of advice accompanies the contents of this cardboard box. A lot of advice accompanies the contents of this cardboard box. Similar programs exist in Canada, including Ontario. A new stork that brings the gift of necessities to accompany the newborn.

A company that manufactures baby boxes

It was in San Francisco in 2013 that founder Jennifer Clary began the Baby Box Company. Since then, she has evangelized the benefits of the baby box with the first merit to contain everything necessary for a good start for an infant. From food to clothing, accessories, and of course many valuable tips to help parents choose the best practices from the start. Obviously, a simple archive box seems to thumb a nose to the traditional cradle, combining multiple advantages at a minimum cost. Ms. Clary’s boxes are better decorated, but in the end a cardboard box is still a box.

So, if you have family to visit, lighten up your luggage, and keep an archive box ready for assembly, you might not only enjoy the hyper-handy, but also super safe side of cardboard boxes. You will incur many questions from grandmother and grandpa who will certainly be very worried to see their little darling smiling from the bottom of a cardboard box. It’s up to you to convince them!

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