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Creative and humanitarian uses for corrugated carton by architect Shigeru Ban !

Do you know the new winner of the 2014 Pritzker Prize? Japanese born Shigeru Ban is now a famous architect. He has received the most coveted honor of the profession, comparable to the Nobel Prize of architecture. Astonishing in his achievements, is the materials used, among cardboard tubes, paper, bamboo, container, and other inexpensive, lightweight materials. In fact, he has built cathedrals, schools and temporary houses, art galleries, etc. for humanitarian purposes. His talent is particularly appreciated for the fact that his primary goal is to help citizens in a disaster area to recover as quickly as possible or allow affordable solutions to other cities faced with specific challenges.

Specialized shelters that are low cost and recyclable

For twenty years, this humanist architect has traveled the world with volunteer members of his VAN foundation (Voluntary Architects’ Network) to help rebuild buildings and homes ravaged by natural disasters or accidents. The nature of their interventions requires a fast reaction and involves a temporal notion, both in the longevity of his works and in the investment needed to revive the devastated towns and villages. The choice of materials recalls our previous article: Building a house from recycled cardboard? Yes with the alveolar house, ecological accessible! which shows us that cardboard has multiple uses that never cease to amaze us.

Creativity, altruism and ecological vision

His peers have recognized the visionary by awarding this honor for his variety of not only humanistic, ecological, but creative and truly remarkable works. Mr. Ban is also modest. In fact, he was honored by the award, but he says it gives him «encouragement «since according to him, he has not yet reached the level required for this award. Is it necessary to specify that this is all in his honor?

Finally, our world has need of brains like his to make it even more pleasant. Look at the few works in the slideshow attached (click on items at the bottom of the image to move at your own pace).

Ecotourism travel trips that feature carton.

Looking for a good idea for an upcoming trip? Why not take the cardboard Route to visit these places that offer works of cardboard construction that may inspire you when building your next home or your next humanitarian project:

  • Paper Arbor à la World Design Expo de Nagoya
  • Miyake Design Studio Gallery at Tokyo
  • Paper House, see all his works
  • Curtain Wall House at Tokyo
  • Paper church at Kobe
  • Nemunoki Children’s Art Museum
  • Naked House at Kawagoe
  • Japan Pavilion at Expo 2000 at Hanover
  • Paper arch at the MoMA at New York
  • Nomadic Museum, New York
  • Halle toueur Pouilly-les-Auxois
  • Paper Temporary Studio, Centre Pompidou, Paris
  • Centre Pompidou – Metz , Paris
  • Le Consortium at Dijon
  • “Transition” Cathedral, Christchurch , New Zealand
  • First recycled cardboard house, Belle-Ile, France
  • PH Z2, located at Essen, Germany

Congratulations Mr. Ban for this remarkable work which gives a noble character to cardboard, and most importantly, well beyond ecology and economy, a humanitarian asset! Do we want the chance to see these works continue elsewhere? What do you say?

The Cartonnerie Montreal team

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