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Excess moving supplies: what to do with the remaining supplies?

Throwing your excess moving supplies in your trash or recycling bin is not always the most eco-friendly and practical way to get rid of them. Your bins will be overflowing and the supplies you put in them may not be properly disposed of. To make the disposal of your supplies easier, we’ve compiled a list of ways to get rid of them. Always remember to check if they’re in good condition before proceeding with the following ideas.

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Ask your entourage

When you have excess moving supplies, it’s always a good idea to ask your entourage before getting rid of them. People move often, so there’s a good chance that someone you know is moving. If not, you can even ask mutual friends. The best way is to start with the people who are closest to you and then go from there. A good way to reach them is to make a post on social media. This post could be, for example, on Facebook. The post should have a clear picture of what you’re giving away, a detailed description and when to pick it up. Don’t forget to mention that the supplies are free! Free is always a word that attracts people.

Keep them aside

Life is full of unexpected surprises, we never know what can happen from a day to another. While moving is not something we do often, if you have extra space, keeping your moving supplies is a good way of saving money on your next move. Keeping them aside is also a good idea because you can use them at a different time in the year. You can even reuse them during Halloween and make Halloween costume boxes. If you’ve decided on keeping your supplies aside, make sure you store them properly. If you’re storing cardboard boxes, cover them in plastic wrap to avoid insects and water from damaging them.

Donate them to charities

If you have excess moving supplies, why not help others by donating them? Helping others is a great way to boost your mood and someone else’s. Everyone moves at some point in their life, so helping those who have less, is a great way to give back. Donate them to some of the best charities in Canada or to your local charitable organization.

Make use of them

Moving supplies like tape and markers can be used in your everyday life! You can even make use of protective supplies like bubble wrap when sending packages. If you’re a teacher or you know someone who is, you can even organize your classroom by using cardboard boxes and your creativity. Did you know that you can have fun with moving supplies? Moving supplies like cardboard boxes are great for kids to have fun with in the summer. Cardboard boxes are also fun for do-it-yourself. If you’ve run out of ideas, why not keep your boxes as storage? If your moving boxes are made of cardboard, make sure they’re wrapped in protective plastic bags to avoid bugs and water damage.

Sell them

Selling your moving supplies is a great way to make extra money and to help someone who is looking for budget boxes. An easy way to sell them is to make a post on social platforms like Facebook. You can also use websites like Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace and LesPACS to sell them. Make sure you describe the supplies as used and set a fair price for them. Always inspect the supplies beforehand to avoid your sale from falling through.

Properly dispose of them

You’ve now gone through all the possible options to get rid of your moving supplies, but they’re all uninteresting to you. Well, instead of throwing them in your trash or recycling bin, you should properly dispose of them. To properly dispose of them, go to your local recycling centre and put them in the correct bins. If you aren’t certain of where to dispose of them, ask an employee for help and they will direct you to the right area. When it comes to cardboard boxes, in most cases you can dispose of them directly in your recycling bin by cutting them up into pieces. The recycling centre will, however, save you time on cutting them up into pieces as you can place them in their large bins as a whole.


With all the ways listed above, you now have everything you need to get rid of your excess moving supplies. If you’re moving soon, don’t forget to change your address in advance! If renovation is your next project, don’t forget that properly getting rid of your renovation waste is just as important as properly disposing of moving supplies.

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