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Exciting new video tips to change your cardboard boxes!

We recently introduced a new range of exciting video tips to help you make better use of our boxes for your storage, your moves, or for your shipments. We add to our list two new exciting and very simple tricks that will make your job easier when the need arises to reverse a box or boxes to adjust the height.

Tip # 3: How to reverse a cardboard box?

With our experience in recycling used cans, we regularly have the concern to neutralize the appearance of our boxes. Sometimes these are business customers who care about the brand and wish to add their own signature. And sometimes it’s customers like you who want to store their boxes in a place where the color will be uniform, or to customize more easily, or to neutralize the negative impact of a box with colors that are inappropriate. With some glue and a tape gun, you reverse these boxes at a glance.


Tip # 4: How to adjust the height of a box for shipping?

Also in order to better utilize your boxes, we thought to give you a very easy trick to change the height of a box to prepare your package for shipping, or so they can better line up to fit in some places. With an Olfa knife and tape gun, you can effectively adjust the height of all your boxes professionally. You will also have packages ready for safe shipping with content that will not move and will arrive at destination intact.

Want more tips?

We are here to help facilitate your moves, your organization, and your shipments. We have boxes of all types and frankly, if you follow this blog, you know that cartons are constantly surprising us with the diversity of their use. Between the fun boxes, aid boxes and utility boxes, only one constant: a genuine concern for the environment guides us. Do you have questions, ideas or comments to submit? We want to continue this series of video stuff for your viewing pleasure. Visit our moving tips page, a wealth of tips await you.

Have a nice moving, or organization project!

Your team Cartonnerie Montréal™

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