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For the nature lover: offer cardboard flowers!

An ecological Valentine reviewed and recycled!

Every year on February 14, Valentine’s Day ,is celebrated in industrialized countries. A holiday that is too commercialized for some, time to celebrate love for others, few people are indifferent to its symbolism, lover or not. I must admit that it is always a great opportunity to share words of love, in all its forms. Our team thought it would be nice to share some green ideas to express your feelings of affection.

Eternal flower bouquets recycled from books.

This idea is a project that can start Valentine’s Day and last all year. The result is amazing, A little creativity and some old books can produce a wonderful bouquet. Involve your children in the project, so you can see how much fun they are having to express their love, and especially their artistic talents. All values that cultivate a feeling of fulfillment, and the spirit of recycling.

Cardboard or paper flowers? Why not!

Imagine the reaction of your spouse or partner, at the sight of your beautiful bouquet of flowers in colored paper or corrugated cardboard. If you’re the type that never gives flowers, it might be awkward to start with cardboard flowers, But admit that from your children, the effect could be magical. Indeed, any work of art made with our hands and our love has a much greater value. You doubt it? Try it, you’ll see.


The time to express our affection.

We are too often busy to invest ourselves in creative projects. We prefer the easy way out in general. Without regard to our planet, we eat again and again without too much worry about what we leave behind us. There is a love that we tend to forget too, that’s Mother Nature that deserves a little green hug at a time when we profess our feelings of love. Be a Cupid and make at least one green action on 14 February.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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The Cartonnerie Montréal ™ team

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