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Springtime and boxes mix well!

Spring is the season of flowering trees, green lawns, and open windows that bring in fresh air and the scents of all those colorful flowers. We have already presented stuff in this blog to help make your spring cleaning a breeze, tips to organize your storage spaces, and tips for packing. But what is typically common to all these spring tasks is of course? The boxes of course! The storage boxes, the moving boxes, renovation boxes and other boxes of all sizes and strengths and especially “used “green” boxes!


A new or used box for every need

Like thousands of Quebecers who renovate their homes each year or are relocating, or others who just like to tidy up their household, or rearrange their space, we all dream of a magic way to make short work these challenges. Like you, and we are continually looking for ways to facilitate this work. So we thought of you by preparing specialized sets of green boxes for every occasion. After all, at Cartonnerie Montreal™, we specialize in cardboard boxes and packaging materials for all needs.

Renovation boxes

These are strong boxes that are useful to carry dry, heavy dirt for transportation to the recycling center instead of having pierced and torn plastic bags that trail dirt everywhere. Boxes can be left at the eco center unlike plastic bins or garbage containers that you bring back home. Our tip for you is if your renovation boxes are bound for the sorting center, be sure to pre-sort similar waste like tiles, drywall, metal, wood, etc. in order to save time. You can view the available choices we deliver to your door.

Moving boxes

There are small and large scale moves. Whatever yours, we have kits for all home sizes. You also have the option to build your own kits. We have tips for figuring out quantities of boxes needed, some may have already helped to guide you. Remember that the weight and volume of objects make all the difference. Do not hesitate to seek advice from our specialists or watch our videos. View available choices that we deliver to your door.

Storage boxes

These boxes are intended to store in the garage or in the back of a closet. They are no less important, quite the contrary. We want equal sizes, easy to identify, solid, waterproofed, and certainly easier to handle. For the most part, our preference are the archive boxes, thanks to their handles and easy to open and close lids. On the other hand, you can certainly consider used boxes that will do a perfect job if you know in advance how many you need to buy the same sizes. Why not choose similar boxes to create a storage theme, such as a style for children and another for parents, or group clothes in the same kinds of boxes, and kitchen items in another. View the selection of archive boxes and used boxes here.

Specialized boxes

Finally, it is useful to obtain wardrobe boxes to store seasonal clothing, or boxes for frames and mirrors when moving, or tubes for paintings or other cylindrical objects. Plastic covers for storing or protecting mattresses. Whatever your need, your belongings will be protected with the right box. View available choices that we deliver to your door.

We are proud to be a part of your moves, but especially part of your spring. We like to make life easier for our customers, especially when we do it with the best environmental and economic solutions.

Spring is the season of change, we should take advantage and enjoy it.

The Cartonnerie Montreal™ team

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