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Moving or Spring Cleaning: Tips to Make Space


We have entered the season of rearranging and clean up. all tend to accumulate stuff that clutters our spaces during the winter, especially if we have procrastinated for a while in the organization of our spaces. Yes, it can be very daunting, a colossal task for many, but if you want to make room for new, or prepare for a move, you will not be able to escape the reality. You need to proceed methodically and the result can be pleasurable.

A move: a powerful stimulant to reorganize and declutter

The move is a great opportunity to start again without the extra luggage. Regardless of your spaces, they will always be sufficient if you know how to handle them. The volume of your things is flexible, but you have to know how and what to give up.

Start the moving process with a clear picture of your new space. It’s about setting limits as to how much space you’re traveling in. Do not move boxes to sort again in your new space. You have to look at what you’re packing and not pack stuff that does not fit the space to where you’re moving.

Here are some useful tips if you are moving or rearranging your space.

Tip # 1 Measure your new space.

You may need to adjust furniture, or if you have similar space, make sure you have the same size of storage space that you are going to move into. Draw lines with masking tape according to the available space. For example, if you have three shelves, each one foot long, measure three feet of tape on the floor and put your books on that line. If it does not fit within the line, take a closer look to decide what you will keep and what to donate. By doing this you will have to make choices, but you will avoid transporting and paying for unnecessary things that will not have room in the new space.

Tip # 2: Start early.

Start by targeting the less used parts, and give yourself daily goals. Prepare your boxes to move or reclassify and give. you do this every night for two weeks, you will find that you have two stacks: things that go into your new space and things to donate. You could even turn your boxes into shelves during this sorting period. The advantage is to maximize the use of the height of a space in an already occupied room.

Tip # 3: Make unpacking as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Start by numbering each room in which you are moving. So that the Livingroom is room number 1, the kitchen is room number 2, and so on. Then write this number on the box and on a piece of paper to tape on the wall at the entrance to the corresponding room. This way, if you have hired movers, they know exactly where to put things. We also have colorful tags designed for an effective move. Everything is a matter of organization. It saves time and money in the end.

Tip # 4: Use the lower third rule.

Have you noticed how we tend to always wear the same clothes, or use the same towels. Look at your stacks of things, you will find that the less used things are down the stack. Begin by sorting the bottom third of each stack, paper, clothing or other, and you’ll see that the majority of things will end up in the donation box. Also be careful not to underestimate the last minute boxes, they can be numerous and pell-mell, and this may complicate the unpacking. Who does not groan when seeking a particular thing put in a box in a hurry at the last minute?

A question of common sense

Making room is good for several reasons, and each time, we feel a pleasant relief after a big job well done. Sorting out our old bills becomes a project in itself, especially if we have accumulated them for a long time. Do some small projects, but go to the end, you will see at the end of the process that it was worth it. Do not forget to dispose of your things ecologically. We have written several articles on this subject, see here.

Besides, we also talked about several tips to move, with lists of follow-ups to guide you to a host of little details to remember. Even here has advice to manage your waste ecologically.

We have been your accomplices for your moves for more than 60 years with a resolutely ecological and economic approach. Visit our online store and have your everything you need home delivered, you will avoid the hassle.

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Have a great spring in your new space!

The Cartonnerie Montreal™ team


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