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Renovation? The challenge of waste management!

If you are like most Quebecers in the spring, or later in the automn, you are either on the verge of a move or a renovation, or perhaps a well-deserved holiday, or just to accomplish all these projects with the summer finally arrived. If you had one of these tests recently (frankly this is one of the highest stresses in life), you know better than anyone that disposal of its waste and its effects too, has become a real headache. If you are sensitive to ecological management of your waste (hopefully yes), the index of difficulty is even greater.

A little planning many savings management worries

According to the amount and type work you do, the amount of waste and type of waste could vary significantly. If removal of ceramic, facing, tearing down walls, removing a shower, a bath, a sink or other, you could end up with a nasty headache to manage this site. If you live in town, the challenge is even greater. Between the restrictions of collecting household waste, and the lack of outdoor space to accumulate junk, you will probably come up against grumpy neighbors who have already forgotten that the site you have inflicted few years ago. Better to put the odds on your side, and plan the most effective method after estimating the amount of waste that will be created, and type as well. Your building contractor will certainly guide you at this level. Then, evaluate the options, and your local constraints. Ask about the hours, and regulations at your local eco-center for disposal. Be ready to act! Also plan if certain materials are reusable and offer them in advance to your networks so they are ready to get it at the right time.

Some methods for disposal of your waste

The garbage bags, specially designed for construction surely will help with wet waste or non-sharp, and ideally not too heavy. container is a possible solution, if the space to put it in your yard is available, and you want to apply for a permit. This solution is not the most environmentally friendly in addition, since all the waste usually end up pell-mell into a landfill. Whatever your solutions, you will need good sturdy boxes that allow you to ensure a clean and safe transportation regardless of the final destination. Between a recovery center, a container, a friend or an organization, transportation is always easier with boxes. Ceramics, plaster, wood and other materials are heavy and messy, have boxes at hand as and as the demolition progresses.

Environmentally conscious

With the experience of all these challenges Cartonnerie Montréal has responded to your requests by preparing solid and economical batches of boxes to properly manage your renovations in an environmentally responsible way. Delivered to your door, we realize that your time will be better spent preparing your home for the future, instead of looking boxes here and there, to save a few dollars. Take the opportunity to include packaging accessories if you are moving or our painting kits if you planning a new decor


Enjoy your new home with Cartonnerie Montréal!

The Cartonnerie Montreal™ team

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