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The cardboard oven: used cardboard boxes that can save lives!

We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and finding new uses for used boxes. Between building cardboard cathedrals or cardboard insulated houses, or turning cardboard boxes into creative projects for children to play with, or as a useful object to improve the quality of life, this month we cannot resist telling you about the latest invention born, once again, from used cardboard boxes: the solar-powered cardboard oven.

The story behind this brilliant idea

Jon Bohmer, a Norwegian, playing with his two little girls, with old boxes of course, had this great idea to make a solar oven that would solve the problems of the poor for as little as $ 5. His solution is highly ecological, both in manufacturing components, as the positive effect in combating deforestation caused by rural populations burning a tremendous amount of wood to cook their food. A problem that is getting worse every day, since deforestation is the cause of irrigation and flooding problems with each rain. Between drought and famine, over three billion people on earth are struggling for their basic needs.

How does this oven use cardboard boxes?

The design is simple: two cardboard boxes, one inside the other, with an acrylic cover that allows sunlight to penetrate inside and contain the heat. Black paint on the inner box and foil on the outer help concentrate the heat. The degree of heat rises high enough to be able to cook casseroles, bake bread and boil water. Amazing, but true! Our research shows that a similar prototype had already been introduced in 1970, but rejected at the time for lack of ecological interest.

Cardboard boxes used to help children

You can surely understand that access to boiled water could save millions of lives, especially children, from poisoning and dehydration caused by lack of access to potable water. It is not surprising that in 2009 at the « Climate Change Challenge » to discover and publicize the most practical innovations to improve climate change, Jon Bohmer`s invention won the grand prize among 300 other inventions. The inventor proudly said so very well: “While some want to send humans to Mars, I looked for a solution a little more down to earth with my « Kyoto Box ».

A pride that deserves to be shared

The production of the “Kyoto Box” started in Nairobi, Kenya, and at the top of its production, 2.5 million ovens are produced monthly. Of course, it is difficult to imagine boiling our water in a cardboard oven, but it reminds us how, our mission is more relevant than ever. Contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through concrete actions, such as recycling, and reuse especially cardboard boxes, appears to be the ecological way, and all this would not be possible without your support!

Congratulations to the inventors who recognize the ecological value of cardboard!

Cartonnerie Montréal™ Team!

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