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A well-organizer classroom using cardboard and creativity!

As the madness of the return to class begins to fade. It is the return to routine and routine goes hand in hand with organization. If we discipline children and teenagers in this direction we can easily meet the challenge every moment. Less than a month in the classroom, and you are already flooded with a variety of paper and multiple objects lying around everywhere. Our team looked at some tips that will help you add a touch of organization and storage that is ecological, practical and creative… Thanks to recycled cardboard. You will have the bonus benefits in the development of the child! (French : Bricoler avec le carton en famille, c’est préparer notre avenir!)

Desktop organizers

This here’s a really simple idea that simply requires the creation of a template according to the spaces to suit your or their needs. Then, cut as many cardboard squares in this size depending on the required total size. Remember that some tracks will be different depending on the depth of the desired compartments. To complete the background, add a touch of felt for a personal look. You might also suggest that your little artists color each sheet of cardboard to add a little originality.

Easy to create boxes to organize a host of practical items. Choose the size of the boxes, then let your imagination run free by affixing the fabric recovered from old clothes with adhesive and rivets or other decorative elements. Inexpensive storage and 100% ecological.

Also try the recycling of cereal boxes. Absolutely great for a variety of different types of magazines as storage boxes, or totes.

Complete the organization of storage boxes with cardboard tags, super easy to make, and very trendy as style.

Wall organisation from recycled cardboard

Keep your egg boxes cardboard and let them add some paint. Also make it the length and width that it will take!

Besides your egg cartons, recycle your cardboard tubes after the paper is completed, and get started in this new type of shelf. We bet you will not know where to stop with all these variations and frankly aesthetic practices.

Ecological ideas, creative project and organisations at a good price.

We have so many ideas to share with you, we have to stop here. But think of ideas, or any other suggestions you would like to share with us. We are driven by the desire to give a second live to cardboard, and with these ideas, we can say a third life if you purchased your used cardboard boxes with Cartonnerie Montreal™.

Welcome back, and do not miss our special Halloween write up next month.

The Cartonnerie Montréal™ team.

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