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What sort of ecological inventions will we see in 2015 ?

Last year at this time we shared our green resolutions with you.

We confirm that these resolutions still stand:

  • 10% reduction in waste;
  • Reuse at least once a month;
  • Upgrade at least once this year.

We invite you to ecological balance and do better in 2015. For our part, we continue to make your life easier, and to inform you of any ecological events that attract our attention, either via this blog or our Facebook.

Vintage green inventions in 2014

To anticipate what will happen in the next year, it seems appropriate to highlight some great inventions that have marked the past year in the field of the environment.

Let’s start with promising findings for the future with regard to drinking water.

  • The solid rain invented by a Mexican engineer who promises to wipe droughts around the world:

What solid rain? This is a very simple magic potion that could revolutionize global agriculture through Sergio Rico Jesús Velasco, a Mexican polytechnic engineer. Indeed, the formula comprises a biodegradable, non-toxic powder, capable of retaining rain water (up to 500 times its weight) to the return to the soil in the form of humidity for a period ten years. Just great. Curious? Watch the video

  • A écodistillateur that transforms salt water into drinking water using solar energy:

This time, an Italian designer Gabriele Diamanti, may well have found a permanent and economical solution for access to safe drinking water for under developed countries. “Eliodomestico” produced 5 liters of drinking water per day. Made from simple materials, the principle of evaporation of salt water flowing in a pipe to finish in a drip tray can quench the thirst of a family of 4. Every mechanism heated by solar energy. Another great invention, and it’s free!

  • THE PURE water bottle uses UV sterilization:

    This is a bottle that looks like a bodum® and purifies your water in less than 2 minutes with the action of sunlight, without the aftertaste of chlorine and iodine tablets which take 30 minutes to achieve sterilization. Tests reveal that 99.9% of bacteria are eliminated. Who wants one? Video

Solutions against thirst and dryness concern you? Discover more!

Now look at recycling and energy saving initiatives :

  • Inspiring green business initiatives :

    How about recycled beer cans in exchange for metro tickets. Brazilian brewery had the idea of setting up an incentive for their customers to recycle their beer cans. During the famous Rio Carnival, they offered a subway ticket in exchange for an empty can with the image of their brand. In addition to encouraging the ecological movement, they promoted public transport , especially by encouraging not to drive drunk .

    Another business incentive to greener behavior. An Austrian restaurant, Biomat , offering discounts to customers who bring their food waste. Yes, you read that right. The owners use it to feed their organic transformation mechanism into biogas. Thus , they can provide the energy needed for cooking. Did you know that the bio-methane produced by a banana peel can run a car for 10 kilometers?

  • Soccket : What if playing soccer could power your iPhone?

Here is a re cent invention that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. Normal play with a soccer ball gives you the equivalent of three hours of energy to power an LED lamp. We bet that the principle will soon be extended to other games that involve the movement of the body. As a bonus , you’re exercising. A great idea! Curious? See the video

  • Finally : for our cardboard recycling fans : ” Move-it”

An invention to spare your back when carrying your cardboard boxes, a small portable dolly made of cardboard that is 100% recycled and reusable. A simple system of boxes connected together with adhesives. It can support 40 pounds of load. You had to think about it. See the video

What new ideas will we see in 2015?

That is the question! We will work very hard to share our findings. If you wish to become one of our e cojournalists , follow us and submit your finds. With the creative genius , and the willingness of the new generations , ecological inventions never cease to surprise and encourage us. Let’s wait until the end of the year to take stock!

Happy New Year 2015 all in green!

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The Cartonnerie Montréal ™ team

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