Looking for cardboard boxes for your move?

Here are 10 reasons to pack with us and make your move ecological and economical!

Why search for boxes in supermarkets, Internet vendors without boutiques, at ministorage centers, or with commercial movers?

Our slightly used cardboard boxes are 100% environmentally friendly and clean. These boxes come from our selected group of companies seeking to divest their boxes that are used only once for the transportation of clean and dry products. We buy according to a method of selection and we approve each batch after a thorough inspection.

Selling boxes, that's our specialty! We have been doing it for over 65 years with passion and ecological awareness. We do not just take advantage of the move season to promote ourselves as distributors of boxes. We are the leaders with the best offers on the market all year long!

Here are the advantages of choosing Cartonnerie Montreal™

  1. We have the best quality of fully ecological used boxes (our quality control is proven since 1960 and we have certification from Recyc-Québec)
  2. We have all types of specialized boxes (mirror, frame, archives, wardrobe, etc.)
  3. We have absolutely everything for your move (covers, labels, tape, bubble wrap, kraft paper, etc.)
  4. We have the best price (make your comparisons on global or per unit price and you will see for yourself)
  5. We have the best service online (our store is 100% tailored to the secure purchase of your moving products)
  6. The best payment options (you can use your credit card or your Pay Pal account, you choose)
  7. We have the best home delivery service (we are able to source out dedicated delivery services, as we have a high volume because we deliver year-round)
  8. We have an on site shop and a telephone service available for your purchases (you can talk to our friendly and dedicated team who will advise you for all your packaging challenges)
  9. We have a satisfaction guarantee (our customers are our greatest asset)
  10. We have the best reputation since 1960! (This explains why we have been around for more than 60 years!)

For all these reasons, you can buy with peace of mind, and you can be sure to have made the best choices as thousands of customers who have chosen our service!

Happy shopping!

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