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Un blogue sur les bonnes idées d'emballage écologique, économique et porteuses d'avenir. Ici on parle de déménagement efficace et productif dans le respect de la nature.

A blog about good ecological, economic and promising packaging ideas. Here we talk about effective and productive moving into the respect for nature.

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Celebrate Halloween with family and friends and of course, with boxes!

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halloween-robot.2.jpgHalloween? This feast of Celtic origin,has been well rooted in our North American lives for almost a hundred years. The young and old take part in the festivities with different objectives. While the children are discovering the pleasure of gathering sweets door to door while wearing disguises, the older family members take advantage of Halloween to develop friendships and show off their creativity by participating in the many costume competitions. Many believers spend weeks to decorate their homes - with the aim of announcing to the children their participation - with pumpkins, ghosts, monsters, skeletons, cobwebs, etc.

An opportunity to take a break from technology

In our era of Internet connections and disconnections, the Halloween party has been losing popularity, year after year. The parents fear of the various dangers, the children less numerous, the parents too busy, those against the sugar or juggling a budget, more greenhouse gases, all converged to make this feast more of a memory. But before you bury Halloween, it would be good to remember what positive effects this feast may have on family values, friendly relations, understanding of generosity, the collaboration, physical activities, ecological thought, creativity and the reminder that we live in a community that is real, and non-virtual. Once a year, we can leave our imagination run free with our family, or between friends, and remember that it is not necessary to be rich to have a nice creative costume. It is simply to be creative, and to take the time away from the electronic tablets, mobile phones, television and connect to a simple pleasure That today is so rare. .

A challenge of creativity awaits you

How about creating a beautiful costume for this Halloween with cardboard boxes, cardboard or any other recyclable material? Teach your kids to have fun inexpensively,, and to create in a fun way. Halloween will become a pretext for carrying out a project with your children, and trust us, you will not soon forget those beautiful moments. And in addition, who said that Halloween had to be "frightening", why not have a gathering with a constructive theme? For once you can hide under another identity without having changed your password! You can also make your choice of decorations ecological. Teach your children the virtues of finding new uses for items and materials that would otherwise be thrown away and have hours of educational fun!

Here are a few ideas   ideas to start your creative juices flowing. Click here to see a presentation or a video here (you can play it in full screen).


 Happy Halloween!

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